Yonder changelog
August 22 2013 (build
  • Added coordinate picker to storyboard editor for Position animations.
  • Storyboard Preview: active storyboard items are highlighted until completion.

August 17 2013 (build
  • Storyboard steps are now drag/drop-enabled.
  • Implemented "gallery" images, which are intended to be larger images displayed within the map experience. Sample entry markup:
    <img class="gallery" url="[url to full image]" src="[url to thumbnail]" caption="This is the caption." />
  • Added "flip" animation type, which enables flipping an overlay on its X and/or Y axis.

August 11 2013 (build
  • Implemented overlay storyboards, which enable you to animate position, size, opacity, and rotation of overlays. Yonder just got 400% cooler.
  • Revamped the home page, combining the "splash" area with the developer blog.

August 4 2013 (build
  • Added a sample map demonstrating the month+day+year scope.
  • Implemented "smart positioning" of entry pop-ups. They'll try to stay within the viewport when their content (or the window) resizes.
  • Kit: added ability to use remote (non-uploaded) images for overlays, markers, and share thumbnails.

July 28 2013 (build
  • Significant improvements to Construction Kit.
  • Implemented support for multiple timeline scopes, i.e. year, month + year, day + month + year.
  • Updates to home page design.
  • Cobbled together a basic dev blog.

July 13 2013 (build
  • "Pinnable" entries implemented. Overlays associated with pinned entries stay visible until those entries are closed.
  • More unit-test refactoring for Construction Kit.

July 10 2013 (build
  • Substantial improvements to Construction Kit to make it much more unit test-friendly.
  • Updated landing page to be slightly more imaginative.

July 7 2013 (build
  • Changed "About" dialog to an "Options" sub-menu with Summary, Legend, Feedback, and Recent Entries options. The Legend option enables users to toggle visibility of markers based on category.

July 6 2013 (build
  • Tagging feature added for improved Search capabilities. Search queries such as "inventions" or "texas" will return entries tagged accordingly. Most entries on the American History map will at least be tagged with their state of origin.

June 30 2013 (build

Preview version of Yonder deployed with the first map, Overview of American History. Build is functionally stable.

Known bugs and limitations:

  • Definitely lacking in content... working on it! :)
  • Search only covers the titles of entries at the moment. Deeper search (with metadata/tagging) planned for near future.
  • Some pop-ups partially spill off the screen when they're opened, or when the screen is resized.